Ontario Consumer Protection Laws

Ontario Consumer Protection Laws
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Ontario consumer protection laws aim to shield consumers from unfair or deceptive business practices, such as product safety risks, advertising practices or warranties that fail. In this blog post we’ll outline these laws and how they apply to Ontario residents.

Product Safety in Ontario

The Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) is a federal law that sets forth requirements for product safety across Canada. Under this act, all products sold in Canada must meet safety standards designed for their intended use, without any hazards that might cause harm.

In Ontario, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is charged with upholding product safety laws such as CCPSA. They investigate reports about unsafe products, investigate complaints regarding them and issue recall notices if necessary.

If you think a product you have purchased may be unsafe, contact the relevant government department or manufacturer immediately and seek compensation for injuries or damages caused by it.

Advertising in Ontario

Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act (CPA) establishes advertising requirements. The CPA prohibits misleading, false, and deceptive ads as well as requires all advertisements be truthful and accurate.

If an advertisement appears false or misleading, you can file a formal complaint with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. They investigate all complaints of deceptive advertising and can take legal action against businesses that breach consumer protection legislation (CPA).

Warranties in Ontario

The Consumer Protection Act also establishes requirements for warranties in Ontario. A warranty is an agreement made by manufacturers or sellers to repair or replace products if they do not perform as promised; all goods sold in Ontario must come with at least minimum standards-compliant warranties according to CPA.

Example of Warranty Requirements in Writing […] When providing warranties, written documentation must include details about what’s covered, what’s not covered, duration, ease of understanding and any hidden or unfair terms that could potentially arise from them.

If a product covered by warranty fails to perform as advertised, and is covered by its warranty terms, then filing a complaint with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is an option. They can investigate and take legal action if needed against its maker or seller.


Ontario’s consumer protection laws aim to shield customers from unfair or deceptive business practices, and by following this blog post’s information you have gained more awareness of your rights under them as an Ontario resident. Specifically this blog post covered product safety regulations, advertising restrictions and warranties within Ontario law; should any rights have been violated please reach out the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services immediately for help. For further information visit our website by clicking HERE

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