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Zia Rashid is a woman Egyptian magician and you can a powerful scribe of the property out-of Lives

She try the brand new favored certainly one of Ra and you will hosted Nephthys whenever Julius Kane freed the five children of Freak and you can Geb. She’s the fresh spouse from Carter Kane.


Zia lived in an Egyptian village also known as Makan al-Ramal al-Hamrah (meaning The spot off Reddish Sands) with her dad and mom. Zia’s father is an Arab farmer that would identify artifacts in exchange for payment out of archaeologists. When she try 7 yrs . old, their dad introduced domestic a little yellow sculpture, unaware that a beast was sealed in to the. The guy unwittingly unleashed it and it also shed the entire town. The house from Lives discover their invisible into the a fire pit and you will lower than certain reeds, in which their mom got place the woman; she are truly the only survivor. Master Lector Iskandar got their inside the, however, discovered that Zia didn’t come with memories of the lady existence. He provided their towards the details of what happened to the lady, including pictures out of this lady village and you may friends, something that Zia after found in an excellent shrine to help you the lady family members.

Zia following started initially to teach as a beneficial magician in the 1st Nome; whenever she became 13, she is actually alone within her generation to remain for the Egypt.

The newest Red Pyramid

If Family off Lives begins to are convinced that ely Osiris, Zia and Michel Desjardins beginning to end your. It pursue Julius with his two college students, Carter and you may Sadie Kane, on the Uk Museum, in which Julius releases five gods. Unbeknownst to help you both the girl and you can Desjardins, Zia will get the fresh host having Nephthys. Adopting the explosion, both discover the involuntary authorities from Carter and you can Sadie. Zia signifies that they end up being slain, however, Desjardins refuses because it’s not inside their guidelines. It return to the initial Nome and you will Iskandar comes to read one to Zia try, in reality, good godling. Fearing for her existence, the guy hides the lady out and you may substitute their which have a good shabti. Shortly later, shabti Zia tunes on the Kane sisters into the Brooklyn, in which she temporarily fights Serqet just after Bast, new pet goddess failed, in her combat the fresh new scorpion goddess. Sadie opens a gateway into the Earliest Nome once Zia binds Serqet to the Eight Ribbons from Hathor. Indeed there, Zia brings the new sisters to Iskandar, which decides to ‘test’ them was observe its genuine godly efforts; Zia after that shows the fresh sisters on the quarters.

You to definitely night, Zia goes toward her shrine, but is watched because of the Carter, whom comes after the lady. When you find yourself she is hoping, the guy sees a dazzling orb lift from the lady and you will float away, however when the guy mentions it, he is confronted with confusion. Upon learning the girl shrine, Carter requires in the Zia’s friends and she teaches you the woman early in the day so you’re able to him. Feeling on her, Carter signifies that each goes toward shopping mall some time and possess enjoyable, something Zia takes on is actually a date. The second morning, Zia will teach Sadie and you will Carter a guide to magic possesses him or her duel each other. She will get astonished when she learns Carter computers Horus but the knowledge was cut brief, but not, when Zia hears the headlines regarding Iskandar’s demise and therefore Desjardins is amongst the the latest Head Lector. Zia advises this new siblings to hightail it, warning them the next time it meet, it would be due to the fact opposition.

Immediately following its escape, Desjardins, Zia, Mel (a beneficial magician inside your home off Lives), and one magician beginning to try to find the Kane siblings, saving a plummeting plane in the process. Zia is sooner in a position to get in touch with Carter inside the bed and you may requires your to meet their inside the Las Cruces to enable them to interact so you’re able to overcome Set. Through to appointment truth be told there, although not, they are betrayed because of the Mel and you may a battle suddenly vacation trips away. Due to the jobs away from Amos Kane, who may have has just entered into the Kane siblings, Zia, Sadie, and Carter can escape, but Desjardins summons Sekhmet, the lion deity, to help you hunt her or him down; he’s fundamentally capable convert the woman to the Hathor from the tricking their towards eating salsa. Sekhmet believes that it is blood, and you may beverages a great deal that it throws her to bed because she becomes the fresh new gentler cow-headed Hathor. Zia upcoming helps the fresh siblings animate a coat to-drive a good vehicles in their eyes and they began to head into the Phoenix up until they come across Amos once more. Zia, comprehending that Sadie plans to overcome Put by talking his Miracle Label , appears to experience you to Set try possessing Amos. She upcoming offers to share with Sadie Set’s miracle identity and you will requires one to she make use of it facing Amos. Sadie, although not, declines, as well as the group continued to Phoenix where it face the fresh new god Set. Throughout the race, but not, Lay attacks Zia, convinced that she try Nephthys and you will unaware that she are, in reality, a beneficial shabti. Zia is seriously wounded, however, enjoys been able to give Sadie Set’s magic title merely inside big date. Sadie could possibly use Set’s identity to help you overcome him, but moments after Zia’s shabti disintegrates, much to Carter’s suffering. Wanting to guarantee the lady protection, Carter vows to get the genuine Zia.

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